FTTH Council Europe confirms President and sets out mission to ‘Connect Everyone and Everything, Everywhere’ with fibre-based networks!

We are pleased to announce that the FTTH Council Europe re-elected Ronan Kelly as President at its Spring General Assembly and set out an ambitious growth strategy to accelerate fibre investment and adoption across Europe.

The FTTH Council Europe’s vision is that fibre connectivity will transform and enhance the way we live, do business and interact, connecting everyone and everything, everywhere. In this vein in 2017 the organisation will further study the socioeconomic impact of fibre-based broadband and also embark on analysing the enabler role of fibre for 5G networks and 5G readiness. Furthermore, “[…] with the support of our members, we are working towards a shift in our strategy from an education focus on the benefits of fibre towards contributing actively with our expertise on technology and fibre networks to the ongoing EU legislative process and national policy debates.” adds Ronan Kelly, President.

A new Working Committee on Fibre Business Models has been also set up with the aim of contributing to the ongoing policy debate on very high capacity network investments, bringing together expertise from fibre operators, investors and technology innovators.

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