NetComm Wireless to supply NBN with world-first Gfast High port count DPUs

NetComm Wireless (ASX: NTC) has extended its agreement with NBN to supply a world-first product – the next generation of Reverse-Powered Distribution Point Units (DPUs), known as High port count DPUs.

Provided in 8 and 16 port variants, the new reverse-powered High port count DPU will enable nbn to extend the Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) network to higher density installation locations, such as multi-dwelling units, where bundled copper lines are prevalent. Advanced interference reduction technology (vectoring) is supported in the NetComm High port count DPU, which combined with Gfast (fibre-like speed) capability, facilitates maximum throughput speeds to the connected premises.Having a higher port count DPU that has reverse powering functionality reduces the overall solution cost and substantially simplifies deployment for the operator.

The agreement extension builds upon NetComm’s current position as nbn’s supplier of 4 port DPUs.

NetComm CEO and Managing Director Ken Sheridan said the solution is likely to gain traction in other global markets, particularly the UK and Europe, as it provides the missing link between running fibre down the street and delivering a Gigabit service into premises.

“More and more operators around the world are looking for a cost-effective way to a deliver a fibre-like experience. We are working with a number of Tier 1 operators in Europe and the UK that are trialing this technology.”

High port count DPUs are part of NetComm’s growing telecommunication infrastructure equipment and IIoT provider business. Other business lines include Fixed Wireless, NCD, IIoT and Machine-to-Machine solutions.

In FY18, NetComm’s telecommunication infrastructure equipment and IIoT revenue increased 81 per cent to $156.5m, accounting for 86 per cent of all revenue. This is a fundamental change for the company, which has previously been more dependent on its consumer broadband business.

The nbn agreement extension contains an initial minimum order commitment of 10,000 High port count DPU units within a period of 18 months following the satisfaction of certain conditions.

NetComm expects initial deliveries of the devices to nbn to occur later in FY19, subsequent to the satisfaction of these conditions which include nbn’s customer acceptance procedures and normal regulatory approvals.

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