The progress of a society is backed by the high end technologies that is continuously adopting. A need that implies the availability of experts to take advantage of their best benefits as providers or consumers. For every new technology, an eco-systems is built, which requires a core of trainers and researchers that could transfer their knowledge and experience to the society.
Fibre to the Home Technology (FTTH) is quickly replacing Copper based technologies (xDSL) worldwide. Moving from copper to fibre brings a huge plethora of advantages as well as new challenges, from the physical transmission media to the whole “Access network” architecture.

GPON Doctor Academy provides a turnkey affordable FTTH platform. It’s specially designed to emulate all elements in a Passive Optical Network, from splitters and optical fibre to the Optical Line and Optical Network Terminations. Including measurement equipment and Triple play Services emulation. Its high degree of resemblance with a real environment as well as its complete control by their users make this platform ideal for the Academy and Research communities.

GPONDoctor Academy makes a set of tutorials available to professors and academic personnel. Tutorials have been prepared by experts on FTTH GPON technology and provide theory and laboratory practices. This training material is useful for academic courses, and GPONDoctor Academy will support professors in the definition of the correspondent practices according to their University programme.

Within the Research field, GPON Doctor Academy enables the validation of any innovation Project where GPON networks are involved. From network parameters optimization (QoS and new algorithms for dynamic bandwidth assignment), optimizing service provisioning (QoE), or even network non conformity detection, to research on hot topics as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) or Software Defined Networks (SDN).


GPONDoctor Academy Platform is composed of the following elements:

  • GPONDoctor OLT-e. Performs function emulation of an Optical Line Termination (OLT) element. Development flexibility (TCL framework for a customer API).
  • GPONDoctor 2000. GPON protocol Analyser captures all control and management traffic within the network enabling the display of information exchange between the OLT and ONTs. Its Analysis Engine infers the PON Status, the OMCI provisioning together with bandwidth consumption and allocation supervision. Moreover, all user traffic flowing within the PON can be extracted and analysed.
  • Variable Optical Attenuator. It enables the capacity to lead the PON to the sensitivity or saturation limits to assess its performance in extreme situations.
  • ONTs + Home GW. A set of 3 ONTs + Home Gateway, including up to 4 Ethernet interfaces, 2 POTs and Wi-Fi.
  • Control + Multimedia Server.  High performance computer incorporating a Video Server, IP-PBX, BRAS and Software Tools for upper layers traffic generation and analysis. It is also the OLT-e emulator control centre and houses the GPON Analysis application.


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