Specially designed for Fiber to the Home Networks Operators interested in tuning up their networks without the need to invest in a Protocol Analyzer.

The service combines the power of our GPON protocol analyzers together with the knowledge of our experts.

In the first step, one GPONDoctor analyzer will be shipped to the customer premises. Guided by our experts, it will be connected to the PON under supervision.

Using a remote connection to the analyzer, the experts will capture the information and analyze it.

If the information captured requires further analysis it is will be processed in our lab by using an OLT Emulator (like GPONDoctor OLT-e)

All the outcomes from the PON analysis as well as suggestions to tune up the PON under test will be included in a report.

  • Greater performance between OLT and ONUs from different vendors.
  • Improving customer satisfaction by fast adaptation to their requirements
  • Efficient usage of bandwidth and fair distribution among subscribers
  • Service provisioning optimization
  • Identification of malicious users and misconfigurations

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