• Carriers require dynamic, flexible and customized test services that can respond to their evolving needs for data, voice, video and applications testing.
  • GPONDoctor has successfully provided test solutions and services to leading FTTH carriers globally since 2009.
  • GPONDoctor helps design and implement the most efficient and effective test strategies tailored to each carrier specific needs.
  • GPONDoctor has developed a comprehensive portfolio of engineering test and measurements services aimed to support the launch of new devices or network features and applications, as well as to improve the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for end users.

Carrier Acceptance Testing

Program Staff

Staffing services (contractors)- Provide specific resources with the required skill set and only for the required time.

Process Definition

Generation of Test Rquirements, test cases, test Plans and Device acceptance process, policies and porcedures.

Process & Tools

Porcess flow management including the developement and implementation of the required supporting tools.

Test Environment

Definition and Implementation of Test Setup and equipment to perform the testing for the Carrier device acceptance process.

Test Execution

Execute the test program for all required devices (test executiom program management, reporting, bug, tracking, etc.).


Review of each device test result and documentation supporting the acceptance decisions.

Carrier Services Offer

  • Carriers Acceptance Testing (CAT).
  • Field Testing.
  • Laboratory Services.
  • Consulting/Outsourcing.
  • Test Plan & Test Cases Development.
  • Test Automation/Test Management/Tool customization.

Test Plans and Test Case Development

GPONDoctor has extensive experience in the definition of test requirements, test plans and test procedures:

  • Design the process control flow to be integrated into the Carrier testing process.
  • Generation of Test requirements, plans and schedules based on product features capabilities, following carrier test strategy and specific requirements.
  • Development of Test cases procedures based on carrier requirements, including integration, validation and maintenance.
  • Definition of test systems and test infrastructure.
  • Test Automation/Test Management/Tool customization.


Test Automation

Test Automation is critical to achieve the productivity and efficiency levels required in the highly competitive network industry. GPONDoctor has extensive experience in developing customs solutions to automate testing:

  • Design an automated test setup based on customer specific requirements.
  • Design and implement automated test solutions for specific projects.


Test Lab for Conformance test

Test Automation environment optimised for: ONU conformance Testing, CPE Management using TR-069, STB management, Service Stability.



Test Lab for Functional test

Test Automation environment optimised for:

  • Interoperability evaluation.
  • Functional evaluation.
  • TR-069 evaluation.

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