GPON Doctor™ 4500 is a professional tool for troubleshooting, monitoring, and debugging a Fiber to the Home GPON based network.

Being portable (lightweight), battery-powered, and ruggedized it is the perfect companion for on the field FTTH problem identification regarding GPON protocol or IP Service provisioning. It is also a powerful tool for interoperability checking and conformance validation.

GPONDoctor 4500 can also support XGS-PON protocol with its “XGS Upgrade” option.

GPON Doctor™ is an “all in a box” GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network) based FTTH (Fibre To The Home) protocol sniffer and tester, able to be connected to any location within any GPON ODN (Optical Distribution Network) and capture downstream and upstream bit-level information. It interprets all control and management information (OAM, PLOAM, and OMCI) while providing real-time upper layers traffic extraction. Being portable and fully oriented for interoperability tests it is a perfect tool for GPON Equipment Vendors and Telcos in GPON deployment/ maintenance/ troubleshooting phases.

GPON Doctor 4500 is the family of GPON protocol verification tools that will allow you to check the “health” of your PON network as a whole or, of every active element.

It is able to sniff (capture) all data simultaneously in upstream and downstream and from the data captured to run an Artificial Intelligence engine to detect the PON status, entities, relation among the entities, bandwidth allocation/consumption, and deviations against the standards. Depending on the version it also emulates a Rogue ONT for resilience tests.

The unique features of GPON Doctor™4500 enable its use as a Professional Test tool and can be used to provide the following services:

100% reliable results

Capture hardware exclusively developed for this product. Results are not biased by any vendor proprietary GPON hardware implementation.

PON Passive and position-independent

Control data frame by frame inspection without the need for traffic regeneration or modification. Including an automatic adaptive synchronization system to compensate distance to the OLT.


Starting from the captured data, it is capable of inferring the network topology and applying a series of rules to verify the compliance with the ITU-T G. 984.x recommendation.

Full XGS/GPON traffic Capture

GPON Doctor™ captures GTC and OMCI messages over the fibre in Real-Time to help to keep track of negotiation processes and configurations.

It can also capture XGS-PON protocol with the XGS Upgrade option.

Real-time IP Services traffic extraction

GPON Doctor™ extracts decrypted user traffic in real-time and at the Ethernet layer. This traffic is made available at the 10/100/1000BaseT interface for its monitoring and upper layer test by external network testing tools and/or other application tools. Its hardware decoder fully supports AES automatic decryption combined with FEC encoding.

Remote Test and automatic calibration

Connected to an IP network, allows the test of an GPON network from a remote management workstation. Automatic calibration of the equipment in the network to test.

Service regeneration and QoS Evaluation

GPON Doctor™ can regenerate services established over a PON network. i.e. Multicast video can be sniffed & reassembled in real-time and watched on GPON Doctor™ screen. This feature is perfect to evaluate QoS and QoE of configured services over a PON.

Windows 10 ready

User-friendly interface. Being based on windows 10, other testing and office applications needed in the daily work at your lab can be easily installed.


  • ONU Rogue Emulation. GPONDoctor 4500 is capable to inject errors in the PON, by modifying frames coming from an OLT, in order to check the resilience of a network under deviations from normal behavior.
  • FTTH lab automation. GPONDoctor 4500 integrates seamlessly within the T-Rex Test Automation.

Free access to our product-related documentation: product brochures, datasheets, quick start guides and more. Please contact our customers service with questions.

GPON Doctor 4500 is a professional tool for troubleshooting and debugging a Fiber to the Home XGS/GPON based network.

Being portable (lightweight), battery-powered and ruggedized it is the perfect companion for on the field FTTH problem identification regarding XGS/GPON protocol or IP Service provisioning. It is also a powerful tool for interoperability checking and conformance validation.

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