FTTH in Europe will continue growing to meet the Digital Agenda Market of 100Mbps for 50% Europe’s households by 2020.Asia-Pacific is leading the world in FTTH subscribers with China targeting 500 million by 2020 (investing $177,64 billion) and Middle East have reached the number one in global penetration.North America has reached 32 million households and the deployment is expected to accelerate considerably in the next few years. South America is still in its infancy but with grows of 50% year after year.

There will be millions of devices that need to be certified before been installed in the subscribers’ premises. This process is still done manually in many operators which deeply impact in the Time to Market and in the ARPU.

GPONDoctor provides a Global Solution Telecom Test Lab Automation for FTTH customer devices Certification.

Thanks to the Automation platform your certication precess will benefit from:

  • Drastic reduction in Test Plans execution times (going from weeks to hours).
  • Test Execution capacity increased, while reducing ONU Time To Market due to the precise identification of problem sources which lead to fast fixes.
  • Big reduction on repetitive tasks and thus greater dedication to value added tasks (i.e. better Test plans, more detailed analysis).
  • Improved process quality (reliable testing, robust).
  • Better use of your lab resources (coordination of all elements involved in the test plan execution: OLTs, Traffic Generator/Analyzers, Protocol Analyzers, Power controllers, Optical Switchs,…).

Check the following video to see how an expert system for FTTH GPON TEST LAB looks like.