NEW FEATURE! ROGUE ONU emulation. This new feature helps to check the resilience of your FTTH under the presence of a Rogue/Alien ONU and the impact on the other ONUS.

I+M departments have to face the NIGHTMARE of troubleshooting FTTH deployments where customers are not connected to their assigned OLT ports stated in the planning and design documentation. Impacting on their resolution time and, as a consequence, on Telecom Operator’s OPEX.

GPONDoctor autofinder provides EXACT information about where each fiber is connected to. EASY TO USE, simply connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wifi or cable to the autofinder. FAST, you will get in a minute all the details of your FTTH infrastructure installation.

AFFORDABLE, fully designed to meet the budget of I+M technicians


Fiber optic networks continue to multiply exponentially, and, in several regions, one every two homes already have an FTTH connection. Nowadays, several hundreds of millions of connections within the “Access Network” link the customer to its correspondent port within the Telecom Operator Headend

Telecom Operators rely on contractors to deploy their fiber connections to the home. But though everything is well planned and executed, it is not rare to see customers NOT connected as planned. Differences from the documentation generated during the FTTH deployment planning and what is finally built leads to high increases in OPEX.

Network Management Systems are not capable by themselves to identify the mismatch and they will register customers and provide the services (HSI, IPTV, VoIP) as if they were in the right position. But, when a customer not connected to the right port, calls the customer service for support or migrates to another Service Provider — troubleshooting time skyrockets as it becomes extremely difficult to find out where it is finally connected and provide the appropriate support. A situation that could be assumed for one user but as the number grows, it becomes a big challenge for Installation and Maintenance (I+M) technicians

Telecom Operators are very concerned about the situation and, as there was not any specific tool for FTTH deployment auditing, their current alternatives are 100% Ad-Hoc. Going from just physical infrastructure plain validation by using power meters and/or OTDRs to more complex where the OSS and I+M departments need to be coordinate. However, there is still a demand for a STANDARD, SIMPLE and EFFICIENT tool for network auditing.

GPONDoctor autofinder is our answer. A handheld Test tool developed to be used by FTTH /GPON I+M Technicians. Fully designed for GPON deployment auditing. It gives I+M technicians COMPLETE independency from the FTTH Operator OSS engineers during the installation and maintenance.

GPONDoctor autofinder identifies one of the most common problems during FTTH network deployments,  Cross-Connections. Through an easy to use GUI, it is capable to identify, in less than a minute, where any Fiber Termination within the PON distribution network (ODN) is connected to.

It also provides KEY FEATURES as:

  • RX Power measurement (as precise as standalone power meters, +- 0.5dB)
  • ODN branch attenuation ( Optical Power lost between the OLT and the PoM)
  • PON port where this Fiber termination is connected to
  • Geolocation of the Point of measurement
  • RE power/ Optic Class used
  • Shows all ONUs Serial/Number and State connected to the Splitter

All the data collected by the GPONDoctor autofinder is included in a report that can be used to complement the information obtained by the OSS. By identifying any deviation from the planned deployment Operators can easily update their documentation in order to have it  “As-Built”…. and forget about complex GUIs, use your SMARTPHONE, TABLET or LAPTOP and get the data directly from the GPONDoctor autofinder (either through WIFI or USB-C).



GPONDoctor autofinder

aims to satisfy the common claim from installers: an AFFORDABLE, FAST and EASY to use Test tool that provides them in Real-Time all the information possible at the installation site.

GPON Doctor autofinder is your Professional Test tool for FTTH network auditing and make Cross Connections become problem of the past

PON position-independent

GPONDoctor autofinder can be connected before or after any of PON Branch splitters. The only requirement is to be within the saturation and sensibility levels of Class B+ optics.

Real-time GPON Auditing

By connecting the GPONDoctor autofinder to one of the outputs of a splitter it will be possible to get information about the ONUs connected to that PON branch. If the ONU is activated after the GPONDoctor autofinder is connected it is possible to get its Serial Number.

PON Identifier Decoding

GPONDoctor autofinder is continuously looking for the PONID presence, once it is seen it will proceed with its decoding. Each Telecom Operator might have its own way to interpret the PON ID, thus it is also possible to introduce the Telco’s coding methodology so that the installer gets the real meaning and not just a plain number.

Accurate Rx Power measurement

GPONDoctor autofinder is capable to provide the GPON received power (in dBm) at the point of measurement. The level of precision is similar to standard power meters (+- 0.5dB). This feature is of special interested during the “Home passed” phase in order to be certain that there will be enough optical power when a subscriber is connected later.


It is of prime importance to link the data related to the point of measurement with its geographical location. GPONDoctor autofinder gets automatically the GPS coordinates and also allows to include more specific details (like splitter reference and port).  Pictures can also be taken and added to the document.

Rogue/Alien ONU emulation (NEW!)

When this functionality is enabled, GPONDoctor autofinder will start transmitting in the upstream in a random way so as to provoke collisions with the other ONUs present in the PON branch. This feature is of prime importance to audit the level of resiliency of the PON under the presence of rogue/alien ONUs.

Free access to our product related documentation: product brochures, datasheets, quick start guides and more. Please contact our customers service with questions.

GPONDoctor autofinder Data Sheet

Free access to our product related documentation: product brochures, datasheets, quick start guides and more. Please contact our customers service with questions.

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