Automation Testing Saves time and Money. Tests have to be repeated often during CPE/ONU conformance and IoT cycles to ensure quality. Every time a modified FW is loaded in the CPE/ONU tests need to be repeated. Manually repetition is costly and time consuming while automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost and much faster. Automation can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours.

FTTH Test lab automation: towards the path of excellence

  • Current certification process has a high portion of “Waste” (there are too many manual intervention and a lot of lab resources underused)
  • Manual execution of a Test Plan takes a long time (usually several weeks) where 70% of committed time is devoted to tasks with less value added (i.e. resources set up and test plan execution). Due to time pressure, there is a high risk of lack of dedication to tasks of greater added value that lead to a growth in the likelihood of “diagnostic error”

Current testing drawbacks

Results not repeatable
Unstable Test Efficiency
Problems to meet deadlines
No TCs for stress
Poor Test Coverage

An automated testing tool is able to playback pre-recorded and pre-defined actions compare the results to the expected behavior and report the success or failure to a testing engineer. Automated tests can be easily be repeated and extended to perform tasks impossible with manual testing.

FTTH Test Lab Automation: Moving from WASTE TO VALUE.

The automation of all tasks related to resources set up, T-REX es FTTH GPON Test Lab Automationtest plan execution and test report generation has a drastic impact on Test plan completion time. What it took weeks, now are hours (less than one day). These savings in time will lead to a continuous pursuit of perfection (better Test Plans) and staff recognised professional roles (Test Plan designers and Test results analysts)

GPONDoctor Test Automation solution, T-REX is a powerful and affordable automated software-testing tool that is supported on all GPONDoctor products. It addresses the full range of CPE/ONU testing challenges that FTTH operators (QA engineers) have to deal with.

Drastic reduction in the Test plans execution times (hours instead of weeks)
Test execution capacity boost, by accurate faults identification leading to faster resolution times.
Repetitive tasks reduction like setup and execution enabling better Test Plans a Results analysis.
Improved process quality (reliable testing, robust against changes)
Lab resources integration (centralized control of all active network elements traffic generators, switches, power controllers, etc.)

T-REX FTTH Automation Solution Scope


Drastic reduction in the Test plans execution times (hours instead of weeks)
Increase test execution capacity, improving TTM (Time to Market)
Repetitive tasks reduction, greater dedication to tasks of greater added value (better test plans, more detailed analysis of results)
Improved process quality (reliability testing, robustness against changes)
Lab resources integration: Active Network Elements, traffic generator/ Analyser, Switches, matrix, power controllers, etc.
24/7 Service All T-REX products allows your FTTH Test Lab solution to be always available without disruption

One Customer – One solution

GPONDOCTOR has been working with all the players involved in the FTTH GPON world since 2009. Our engineers have worked hand in hand with our customers’ technical engineers and learning from them what are their main concerns. They all share the same wish “have Testing done in an automatic way” but they all differ in the kind of Tests it should address.

Therefore, GPONDOCTOR has developed a family of products designed to meet all the needs of the FTTH GPON industry regarding Test Automation, GPONDoctor T-REX.


GPONDoctor T-REX is a Test automation platform that orchestrates a lab infrastructure topology where pre-defined Test plans are executed. Results are collected from all the testing elements involved and compared against validation criteria to determine a PASS/FAIL. Different level reports are also generated automatically.
GPONDoctor T-REX has two kind of users:

  • Automation Producers: From a pre-defined set of testing resources stored in the block repository, they are in charge in the implementation of the Test Cases that are part of each Test Plan to be executed by T-REX.
  • Automation Consumers: In charge to load Test plans into the system, schedule their execution and collecting the results and reports.

And last but not least GPONDoctor T-REX is AVAILABLE 24/7 365 days


GPON Doctor 4000 is a professional tool for troubleshooting and debugging a Fiber to the Home GPON based network.

Being portable (light weigth), battery powered and ruggerized it is the perfect companion for on the field FTTH problem identification regarding GPON protocol or IP Service provisioning. It is also a powerfull tool for interoperability checking and conformance validation.

GPONDoctor T-Rex video

FTTH Test Lab automation

T-Rex presentation

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