GPON test services aim to validate the functionality and performance of a GPON vendor solution. By benchmarking and certification, it will ensure that services can be delivered over GPON, and that no underlying issues exist with the GPON access layer, which under different conditions would cause a degradation in service performance. If the GPON layer is not tested thoroughly, but is just treated as a black-box, any underlying issues with the Vendor’s deployed GPON solution will be missed.

  • ITU-T standards compliance (G.984.3, G.984.4, G.988).
  • ONU conformance testing (BBF ATP-247).
  • OLT-ONU interoperability testing (BBF WT-255)…
  • Services provisioning model analysis.
  • Performance of the High Speed Internet service.
  • Performance of the VoIP service.
  • Performance of the IPTV service.
  • Stress testing.


ONU conformance test cases:

OLT-ONU interoperability test cases:

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ONU benchmarking and certification services brochure

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