What 5,000 devices testing Broadband QoE can tell us

The way people experience the network is the main driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty

by Julio Lema, VP Customer Success at MedUX

In the telco world and more so in the domain of network quality and customer experience, we hear a lot about network KPIs and Customer Experience. There is a genuine concern for improving Quality of Service – the market for test and measurement solutions in telco is expected to exceed USD 6 Bn, CAGR over 9% –  so we may infer that better service should translate into an excellent customer experience.

But, how are we doing in terms of customer satisfaction as an industry? Do our efforts in improving networks and service translate into an excellent customer experience? The short answer is that it could be better. However, here are some cold facts:

  • Telecommunications ranks second last in the US, right over Public Administration, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index quarterly survey. Plus, figures in Europe or the rest of the world are not strikingly different, so we need improvement in terms of customer satisfaction.
  • Some analysis is called for: what are the most important components of customer satisfaction? Mobile phone, tariff, billing and network quality, are some of the factors with 100% impact, according to Customer Gauge’s 2018 NPS & CX Benchmark Report

So, in the end, network performance can be related to service performance. But are all QoS equally important? At MedUX, we have conducted a survey in the UK where we asked respondents to rank different Home Broadband Services as per their importance.

The results prove the intuitive notion we all have that not all services and metrics are equal. The metrics of quality that we need to reflect customer experience must be related to the concrete services that customers use. They also give us a measure of which services are more critical to Customer Satisfaction.

In order to report the actual experience that a customer would receive, there is a lot to be gained from testing those services from the very customer perspective. MedUX tests the services that customers use the most, from the customer end, by deploying it in the main markets in Europe.

5,000 devices and counting, what can they show us that can actually be used to improve customer experience that other solutions can’t?

Check the impact on Gaming, Google and Youtube at https://medux.com/what-5000-devices-testing-broadband-qoe-can-tell-us/