A NEW session of the popular “FTTH GPON Advance training” course will be hold in two weeks in the sunny Valencia (SPAIN).

If you are interested, act now and send an email to enrique.areizaga@gpondoctor.com for details.

Being involved in FTTH technologies since 2008, our trainers have a deep knowledge in the involved technologies as well as gain a reputation as “Experts” within Gigabit Passive Optical Networks communication protocols. Their most important different factor from other trainers is their knowledge on the tools that help to show the “real” behaviour of a GPON network, mastering both theory and practice.

This course is designed to give participants a detailed insight on the Fundamentals of FTTx GPON Technology. Throughout the course, participants will start by learning the basics of each FTTx technology starting from an introduction to architectural principles of Access Networks including the different Topologies, site types, Fiber Termination Points and any factor influencing infrastructure deployment. During the second part of the course participants will acquire more knowledge on the passive optical networks (PONs), starting from the standards, learn how all the GPON elements communicate, including traffic management and QoS, together with the associated technical terms used on the field work.This course is very extensive on “practice”. A GPON FTTH platform will be at the disposal of the Participants, including an OLT emulator and a GPON protocol analyser. Participants  will be able to practice the impact of power budget in the PON,  ONUs setup and configuration, identify deviations for troubleshooting and understand how bandwidth is allocated and consumed. Moreover; participants will learn how to provision services (IPTV, VoIP, HSI) and their assurance (Quality of Experience).

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