Dutch FTTH competition pushes adds 500,000 homes in 2020

Intense competition in the Dutch fibre-to-the-home market has pushed the number of new connections to 533,000 in 2020.

Telecompaper’s annual report on broadband coverage in the Netherlands shows that following a year of record additions 3.68 million households had an FTTH connection, about 46% of all homes in the country.

It’s anticipated that competition between KPN NetwerkNL and its rivals Delta Fiber Network, E-Fiber, and Primevest/T-Mobile will continue to benefit the consumer. Already in 2021, the major players purchased a total of over 50,000 FTTH lines from smaller parties.

KPN NetwerkNL is the largest fibre company by far with a market share of more than 75%. The company has managed to expand its total by 319,000 homes passed in 2020 and is looking to add half a million more over the next few years.

However, despite added actual numbers, KPN’s market share fell as Number two Delta Fiber Network (14%), number three E-Fiber (3%), and number four Primevest/T-Mobile (2%) all managed to expand their market share in 2020

The full TR-419 report can be viewed here
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