Broadband Forum points to harnessing copper for fiber benefits

Broadband Forum’s latest technical report has highlighted how fiber-based access could be provided using existing copper infrastructure instead of installing fiber to end-users premises.
This could help ensure that homes and businesses have access to faster, more reliable broadband connectivity by harnessing the copper infrastructure.
The Fiber Access Extension over Existing Copper Infrastructure (TR-419) report shows how this method could be used where FTTP may not be economically or physically viable. Instead, FTTep lets service providers deploy fiber-grade services by leveraging the last meters of copper to extend the fiber network without lowering quality when compared to complete FTTH networks.
The TR-419 report extends the Forum’s previous TR-301 which defines functionality for ITU-T distribution point units. It describes a number of use cases and migration options that can be considered as representative deployment scenarios for the operators choosing to implement an FTTep solution and focuses on architectural, management, and operational aspects of PON fiber access extension over different copper underlying technologies such as, Access, and MoCA Access.
The full TR-419 report can be viewed here
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