LIGHTWAVE ON LINE: GPONDoctor shows GPON test equipment at Fiber Connect

LIGHTWAVE ON LINE: GPONDoctor shows GPON test equipment at Fiber Connect

June 19, 2017
Lightwave Staff

GPONDoctor Scoop, a provider of GPON test, analysis, and monitoring platforms based in Spain, used last week’s Fiber Connect 2017 in Orlando, FL, to increase its visibility in the North American market. True to its name, the company displayed a range of test instruments for GPON network technicians.

The company launched in January 2016 with the acquisition of test equipment company WYZARTEL SL from TECNALIA Research & Innovation. GPONDoctor offers a wide range of test equipment for network operators and technology developers, as well as training and testing services. Customers include China Mobile, Telefonica, Orange, and Huawei.

Systems on display in Orlando included the GPONDoctor 4000 series GPON protocol tester; a laptop version, the 2000 series, also is available. The company’s T-REX test system features built-in automated test suites for BBF TR-247 and TR-255. For lab applications, GPONDoctor also offers an OLT emulator.

“Our very fast hardware-based and portability features, coupled with intelligent software, allows a GPON operator to troubleshoot a truly scaled network in the field, or verify a new FTTH product in the lab, by easy visual detailed correlation of the complex protocols and per user decoded packet capture analysis for data, voice and video, all in real time,” asserts Enrique Areizaga, CEO at GPONDoctor. “We continue to experience growing demand for our tools, and have engaged in great discussions with premier companies at Fiber Connect 2017.”

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