PT Telkom to launch 4K TV service over fiber

Indonesia's PT Telkom has revealed plans to add a 4K TV component to its Indihome fiber-based triple-play service.

PriMetrica quotes Telkom director of consumer services Dian Rachmawan as stating that the 4K TV service will be introduced shortly.

The company is working with set top box suppliers and content providers to develop the service.

Telkom plans to integrate the services with its existing IPTV platform, as well as with new hybrid platforms based on Android.

Telkom is currently testing 4K TV over the live Indihome network ahead of the planned commercial launch. To be effective, 4K TV streaming requires a minimum 50Mbps connection.

At present Telkom offers its Indihome service in 160 cities across Indonesia, and the operator is expanding coverage in these cities. The company aims to have 3 million fiber customers by the end of the year.

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