enet Plans Fiber To The Business In Claremorris

Ireland’s private telecom operator enet plans to bring high speed fiber optic broadband services to Claremorris. The initial target would be business customers in Claremorris. The Chamber of commerce encouraged potential fiber optic broadband subscribers to sign up for the service.

The fiber broadband network would be a reality if more than 50% of the businesses in Claremorris show their interest by signing up for the service. The deployment would be feasible if enet gets enough subscribers from local businesses. If this happen Claremorris would be the first town in Ireland to get a full coverage by fiber optic networks to the premises. The network topology under consideration is Fiber to the business (FTTB), but the reports say the fiber optic network may terminate at a cabinet near customer premise in which case it would be Fiber to the cabinet.

FTTH Council defines FTTB as Fiber to the building and Fiber to the business. In case of Fiber to the building, the fiber optic cables go inside the building basement and get terminated at the Fiber distribution hub. From fiber distribution hub, legacy copper cables would be used to give connectivity with the end user. FTTH council ranks nations based on the statistics of percentage of houses and businesses connected with FTTH/FTTB, fiber LAN networks. Fiber to the business is about giving last mile optical fiber connectivity to the business units.

In any country, business subscribers or the enterprise customers are the creamy layer that the service providers are eager to give connectivity. For business customers, fiber optic broadband opens a new world of opportunities. Those who are familiar with the possibilities of internet, social media and web applications realize the importance of high speed broadband services and know clearly the reasons why we need fiber optic cables at the last mile.

Claremorris is an Irish town in County Mayo. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Ireland. Though low lying, the city has no threat from flood and hence fiber optic infrastructures even if they are underground are safer from flood related damages.

enet is the private telecom operator in Ireland providing open access networks that are carrier neutral. They operates and managed fiber optic networks known as MANs or Metropolitan Area Networks. The company provides bandwidth to licensed operators such as BT, Imagine, Vodafone and UPC. More than 100 local enterprises attended the information seminar and they were urged to sign up through Chamber of commerce. Fiber optic network construction will create new jobs in the local market. The planned broadband speed of 250 Mbps will give the users a totally a different internet experience. The promoter of the fiber optic broadband to Claremorris, enet is confident of proceeding with the project by seeing the positive response at the time of seminar.

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