Seville City Gets High Speed Broadband Service From Orange

High speed broadband services through Fiber-to-the-home comes to the southern city of Spain, Seville. The Orange Spain made an announcement that its FTTH services would be available to houses in East Seville, Parque Alcosa, San Pablo, Pino Montano and Amate. The service provider targets an initial coverage of around 180,000 houses.

Orange is in partnership with Vodafone to bring fiber optic broadband services to the houses and businesses in Spain. We have reported the co-operation of these service providers for their mutual benefit that would be eventually good for the subscribers to get faster and cost effective broadband. The telecom regulatory authority of Spain, CMT had taken measures that brought the competing service providers under an umbrella of co-operation and share their networks each other.

The project cost of the fiber optic network to provide broadband services to Seville is around Euro 15 million. Orange plans spread this network to the areas of Triana, Los Remedios, Nervión, San Bernardo, Arenal and the city centre at the second stage of network development. The partners for FTTH deployment in Spain, Orange and Vodafone have plans to lay next generation networks in 50 major cities in Spain. Through these networks they intend to provide high speed broadband services to 6 million households and businesses.

With around 1.5 million population, Seville is the fourth largest city and is one of the historically important cities in Spain.

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