TelBru plans for more FTTH subscribers

Brunei’s Telecom service provider TelBru is planning to provide Fiber-To-The-Home broadband connectivity to around 45,000 subscribers within the next three years. FTTH deployments are going on in the country and TelBru is signing up about 1,000 new subscribers a month. TelBru has 5,000 FTTH subscribers, and an approximate 25,000 internet subscribers. Internet users are likely to switchover to the new FTTH connection naturally. This has been observed in other markets as well. A certain percentage of internet users would be waiting for high bandwidth services and they would be the first subscribers of fiber to the home broadband, apart from enterprise customers. TelBru was established in 2002 and is the premier telecommunications company in Brunei Darussalam providing Internet and Broadband services, along with leased lines and data services. Brunei is geographically a small country in the Pacific ocean neighboring Malaysia, with a geographical area of less than 6,000 square kilometers and a population of around 0.4 million. For fiber optic product suppliers, Brunei’s Fiber to the home deployments may offer a business chance that may equal to a regional project in a big market.

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