Orange To Provide FTTH Networks in Nantes Habitat

Orange and Nantes Habitat, public housing agency of Nantes signed an agreement to deploy high speed broadband through FTTH network to the premises managed by the housing authority. The agreement is valid for six years. More than 24,000 houses can avail high speed broadband services in Nantes. First premises to be offered the high speed broadband service are situated in Beaulieu, Hauts Paves and the old Tobacco Factory. Orange will deploy the fiber to the home broadband in six months to the priority sites thar are shortlisted. The open access network will give choice to the tenants to select their preferred service provider. Orange in France has been aggressive in Fiber rollout. This is recent example for their commitment to work in partnership with real estate players for the deployment of optical fiber networks especially, an open access model to the 46,000 inhabitants of the rental Nantes Habitat.

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