Taipei City Begins Work on FTTH

Mayor Hau Lung-bin presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the City's Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Project on May 8. He noted that offering residents an affordable high-speed Internet connection will help stimulate the growth and competitiveness of Taipei's telecommunications and cloud-related industries.

In the future, all services and queries open to the public will be integrated into the cloud and the Internet. Therefore, the move toward the cloud and the deployment of the fiber optic cable network will significantly change the current lifestyle of residents; these policies form one of the major pillars constructing the basis for future city developments.

As a leading Intelligent City, Taipei was one of the first to set the standard for a public wireless broadband network. The next step for the city is to change the residents' lifestyle through FTTH and cloud industries. Through collaborations with partners from the private sector, the city government hopes to implement its goals of establishing the three pillars of "e-government, e-community, and e-life."

The granting of the construction permit for FTTH by the NCC signaled the beginning of the plan's implementation. It also established the milestone for Taipei's transformation into a city with high-speed, fiber-optic cable network.

The mayor expressed his hope that the districts of Neihu, Nangang, Songshan, and Xinyi could be connected to the network within one year. He also hoped that by the end of 2015, the city can obtain a household penetration rate of 80-percent or more.

To avoid the hassle of closing roads to make way for constructions, the deployment of the cables will be conducted through the installation of "microducts" and similar methods, creating minimal impact upon the surrounding roads and traffic.

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