EU: new homes must be ready for high-speed broadband

The European Commission has proposed that all new buildings constructed in the EU must be ready for high-speed fibre broadband.

In a draft proposal published today, the Commission suggested that both newly-constructed buildings and those undergoing major renovation would be equipped with “high-speed-ready in-building physical infrastructure”.

The regulations would oblige builders “to provide new multi-dwelling buildings, as well as old ones that undergo extensive renovation, with a concentration point located in or outside the building”.

In addition, the rulings would make it more affordable for telecommunications companies to gain access to infrastructure, with access to ducts to be provided “on fair and reasonable terms”, a move designed to increase competition among service providers.

The EU also wants to see better cooperation between utility providers when upgrading infrastructure, and a simplified planning process for the installation of masts and antennae.

The EU has lofty goals when it comes to internet speed throughout Europe; it expects 100% of EU residents to have access to a 30Mbits/sec connection by 2020, with at least 50% of those boasting 100Mbits/sec speeds.

Earlier this month, Ofcom released its first scorecard to compare how the UK was doing versus the rest of Europe, without revealing how the UK fared in terms of speed.

The regulator also has ambitions to have “the best broadband in Europe” by 2015, and has already outlined its own suggestions that all new-builds get access to fibre broadband.

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