Governments key to EU broadband plans

The support of individual governments in the European Union is required to ensure next generation broadband coverage and usage targets are met, a European Commission report states.

While the report predicts that half of EU households will gain access to 100-Mbps broadband networks in the coming years, it notes that only 26% of those homes will sign up to services on the networks. The figure falls short of an EC target for 50% uptake outlined in its Digital Agenda, in turn increasing the importance of national governments in spurring supply and demand, the report reveals.

The report, which was prepared by Analysys Mason and ICT policy advisors Tech4i2, also predicts that high speed broadband networks in Europe will generate cumulative economic benefits worth between €200 billion and €600 billion between 2012 and 2020.

“The report provides a substantial input into the debate on the value of high-speed broadband networks,” Matt Yardley, partner at Analysys Mason and director of the report’s team, says adding that the findings “will play an important role in supporting the EC’s Digital Agenda for Europe, as well as informing public and private stakeholders on the specific differences in the likely broadband outcomes between countries.”

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