UAE ranked first in global ranking of FTTH penetration rate!

As result of its annual study for the MENA FTTH market Panorama, FTTH Council MENA announced during their 4th annual conference in Doha, Qatar on 12 and 13 December 2012 the UAE as number One in the Global Ranking of Homes penetration. UAE is taking the lead of the Global Ranking with FTTH penetration rate of 64.8 per cent

The ranking covers all countries with at least 200,000 households where the penetration of FTTH/B has reached 1% of the total number of homes.

In June 2012, 32 countries were members of the Global Ranking with South Korea leading around 57% of Homes subscribing to FTTH and UAE has been included for years in the Global Ranking at top places to reach the top 1 in 2012.

Furthermore, three others MENA countries are entering the Ranking KSA, Qatar and Jordan.

“I am proud to mention in this occasion and based on our research as of the end of September that four Arab countries have entered the global ranking of being among the top 36 countries in the world of fiber homes passed and homes connected, and they are UAE, Saudi, Qatar, and Jordan, and also very proud to mention that the number one rank was occupied by the UAE. This is a clear testimony that our region indeed does have lots of potential and capability,” said Mr Faris Awartani, Chairman of FTTH Council MENA during the opening of the conference in Doha.

It is worth to mention that the MENA region is the home of the highest Take Rates of homes subscribed versus homes connected with an average of 41% comparing to France, UK and Switzerland as per IDATE the Consulting & Research partner of FTTH Council MENA.

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