FTTH Handbook – Fifth Edition

The fifth edition of the FTTH Handbook, unveiled at the FTTH Conference 2012 in Munich earlier this year, has been extensively revised, and contains several important new chapters. But even though the Council's Deployment & Operations Committee has packed even more technical information into the Handbook, the total number of pages has not increased, so that the reader is not overwhelmed with information.

The new chapter on network planning describes the complete process of preparing to deploy the FTTH network, from the early strategic decisions about where to roll out the network and what kind of architecture will be used, to the creation of detailed network plans that the engineers and installers will work with during the deployment process.

The chapter on in-building cabling explains the technical details and general considerations relating to the installation between the building entry point and the wall socket where the customer connects to fibre, using a reference model based on international standards.

This year the FTTH Handbook has also been translated into German. Printed copies were distributed at the FTTH Conference in Munich, but if you missed out, then please download it from our website.

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