Internode FTTH extends beyond Australia’s NBN footprint

Australian service provider Internode has announced plans for a new fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband offering in greenfield customer locations. The services top out at 100 Mbps downstream and 40 Mbps upstream.

As well as offering fiber-based services at all National Broadband Network (NBN) sites, Internode says it will deliver FTTH to real estate developments in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and SA, through partnerships with wholesale providers OptiComm and OPENetworks.

The services start at AUS$49.95 for a 12/1-Mbps plan with a 30-GB data quota. “The new plans are ‘NBN-equivalent’ in terms of speeds, quotas and prices,” says Internode product manager Jim Kellett. “As well as more competitive prices, we’ve launched the new 12/1-Mbps level speed for fiber to the home customers and are delivering faster upload speeds with the standard services. We’ve also introduced the optional Power Packs and Business Packs so customers can tailor their fiber service to their particular needs.”

Existing FTTH customers using previous plans can maintain those service parameters. However, Internode will no longer offer those service plans to new customers.

Kellett added that Internode’s fiber services at Point Cook and South Brisbane would remain at higher prices than the new plans because of what he asserted were "uncompetitive" wholesale pricing from Telstra.

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