Chunghwa allocates $3.3b for fiber

Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom will spend TW$100 billion ($3.34 billion) over the next three years on high-speed fiber.

Chunghwa will take the first steps on a what it calls a G-generation upgrade this year, commencing with a 1Gbps trial program, CENS reported.

The trial forms part of a planned 10-year, NT$200 investment in Chunghwa's fiber and mobile broadband networks.

Chunghwa currently covers around 80% of Taiwan’s population with a 50Mbps fiber network, and through the three-year upgrade aims to reach 80% with 100Mbps speeds by 2015.

But a recent survey from Taiwan’s Consumers’ Foundation purports to show that the island’s broadband speeds are well below the global average, the China Post reported.

The report singles out Chunghwa in particular, alleging that the company’s advertised 1Gbps wideband service is at best the equivalent of a 50Mbps service.

The average Taiwan connection grants 13Mbps download speeds, compared to the 37.5Mbps global average, the survey claims.

In response to the criticism, Chunghwa has claimed its planned fiber upgrade will enable its broadband service to surpass those offered in Japan within 10 years.

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