Orange launches symmetrical 100-Mbps Fibre Pro service via FTTH

Orange says it will leverage its fiber to the home (FTTH) network to offer “Fibre Pro”, a symmetrical 100-Mbps service. The French communications services provider will target the offering primarily at small businesses and high-end “professionals” in its home market who require high speeds to access cloud-based services.

Fibre Pro service includes fixed-line telephony, Internet, and television, as well as such features as a personalized URL, a fixed IP address, an “e-mail for professionals” service, and digital fax. Orange also will offer technical assistance for setting up the network in customer offices as well as dedicated customer support.

Prices for the service will start at 69 euros per month with a 12-month commitment. The price includes communications to fixed-line telephones and mobile devices in France and abroad.

Orange also reiterated its goal to roll out the FTTH network on which Fibre Pro is based to 3,600 French municipalities (communes) across 220 agglomerations by 2015.

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