Huawei introduces Intelligent Optical Distribution Network prototype

Huawei has introduced its Intelligent Optical Distribution Network (iODN) prototype, offering multiple intelligence functions, enabling operators to automatically locate and operate target optical fibers, and paving the way for massive fiber to the home (FTTH) rollouts.

"FTTx networks are now being deployed on a massive scale all over the globe and ODN is garnering more and more attention from operators worldwide. This new prototype, along with our expertise in end-to-end ODN delivery, including planning and engineering, will pave the way for massive fiber to the home rollouts," says Wang Dexiang, director of Huawei's ODN Service Department.

The deployment of fiber to the x (FTTx) networks is increasing rapidly, with the number of optical fibers being used growing exponentially. When working with optical networks, operators face two major issues: the high error rate when optical fiber connection data is entered manually, and the low efficiency and continuity constraints that occur when optical fibers are manually connected or optical faults are manually identified and located, says a company representative.

Huawei's iODN prototype can address these challenges through intelligent optical fiber management, including setup and management of optical fiber connections. It is designed to automate the identification and the collection of optical fiber connections and splitters, ensure that optical faults are correctly located, improves maintenance efficiency, and simplify and enhance operation and maintenance efficiency.

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