Integral solution for PON certification. Connected to the last drop of a GPON installation, collects all the information from optical power received to the services configuration allocated per specific user. It also links the installation data with the installer for optimum tracking of the network deployment.
GPON Tester Plus 2

Telnet Redes Inteligentes integral solution for PON certification allows the validation and certification of a GPON network in deployment or already installed by in field technicians and installers.

End to end certification

The solution consists of two equipments, and OLT-Emulator and GPON-Tester. Using the connection to a laptop and GPON-Tester software allows the realization of advanced measures, such as reflections in up-link, power in both the uplink and in downlink, distance to the OLT, emulate the ONT of the client to synchronize with the OLT emulator or to a real OLT operator and verify the correct subscriber’s service provisioning.

GPON networks certification

Moreover, digitally signed reports are generated with the information of the analysis of the connection, which is used to certify unmistakably the state and the proper installation of the connection by the in-field technician, and allows tracing back later the parameters of the connection the moment of the installation. GPON-Tester can additionally make in 2 seconds a quick test autonomously by a button and LEDs controls on the frontal, in order to facilitate the identification of failures and maintenance in a GPON network already deployed and in use.

Portable solution for in field certification

With a weight less than 1kg and a battery autonomy of over 2h, GPON-Tester is specially prepared for in field testing and certifications. Digitally signed certification Via USB connection to a laptop, allows the creation complete reports digitally signed. These reports include a detailed inventory of the state of the PON network, allowing the reliable certification of the connection by the installer.

Synchronization and GPON provisioning

Allows to configure the specific GPON provisioning for each and customer vendor, certifying the correct synchronizing and service provisioning emulating a particular subscriber’s ONT.

Power and reflections from end to end

Measures of reflections in up-link and power on both ends, allowing end-to-end certification of the PON.

Quick analysis with just one button

Allows quick analysis with a single button and check it using LEDs on the front-end for easy identification of faults in the lines and failures in the PON.

Real-time graphic of optical power received

Through GPON-Tester App Allows real-time display of the received power and monitor its value over time (in the form of graphic or exportable file).


Each of the OLT Emulator PON port allows the concurrent interaction with 64 GPON Tester. The complete solution can then certify simultaneously 64 PON branches in each of the 4 PON networks while minimizing the time of certification of the fiber infrastructure.

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GPONTESTER Plus 2 Product brochure

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